UDI Helpdesk ready for use!

The European Commission has launched the UDI (Unique Device Identification) Helpdesk to provide assistance in implementing the UDI-related requirements of the MDR and IVDR and using the EMDN (European Medical Devices Nomenclature).

The UDI Helpdesk webpage is divided in 5 sections, each containing frequent questions and answers. Few are presented below:

  • Definitions and basic information
    • What are UDI-DI and UDI-PI?
  • Specific questions
    • What are the UDI and device data sets to be provided in Eudamed?
  • EUDAMED-related questions
    • Can I link my UDI-DI to more than one Basic UDI-DI?
  • Dates and deadlines
    • What is the mandatory deadline for a device to comply with the UDI requirements?
  • Documents and links

You can find all UDI relevant and useful documents in our Library of Documents.

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