EU and Switzerland start negotiations to deepen bilateral relations

The European Commission and the Swiss Confederation announced on 18 March the start of negotiations on a broad package of measures. This decision comes after the approval of EU-CH Common Understanding, establishing a set of measures to support modernization and the development of EU-CH relations. Some of the points part of the discussions will be:

  • Institutional provisions in existing and future EU-CH agreements concerning EU internal market, allowing for uniform interpretation and application as well as dispute settlement
    • The mandate provides for negotiating institutional provisions that would be replicated in bilateral agreements related to the internal market, including the MRA. These institutional provisions are necessary to proceed with updating the MRA. (EC Q&A)
  • Relaunch of negotiations on electricity, food safety and health;
  • State aid provisions in existing and future EU-CH agreements;
  • Switzerland’s participation in EU programmes such as Horizon Europe;
  • Switzerland’s financial contribution to social and economic cohesion in the EU;
  • Relaunch of negotiations on Switzerland’s participation in EU Agencies for Space Programme and Railways;

We can expect updates concerning several topics as part of the renewal of EU-CH negotiations and we will keep you informed on the impact for the medtech industry.

Both parties intend to conclude negotiations this year.

You can read these and other documents in our MDR & IVDR Switzerland sections.

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